Experience the next level of bagel delight with our Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Chips, a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Crafted from our authentic New York-style everything bagels, these chips are the work of our dedicated 5th and 6th generation bakers who skillfully bake them in traditional brick ovens. Each chip is generously coated with our signature everything bagel seasoning, offering a unique taste that's irresistibly delicious.

Ideal for any occasion, our Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Chips are the perfect snack. Whether you're hosting a party, looking for an after-school treat, enjoying game day, or simply in the mood for a flavorful crunch, these chips are sure to satisfy. Enjoy them straight from the bag, pair them with a creamy schmear of cream cheese, or dip them into your favorite hummus for an extra burst of flavor. Plus, they're kosher, making them a fantastic choice for everyone.

Each order comes with two bags of our Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Chips but be warned: their addictive taste means you'll likely want more. Dive into the savory world of our bagel chips and discover why they're not just a snack, but a snacking revolution.

Bagel Chips - 2 Packages

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