6 Authentic NY Bagels in Assorted Flavors

8 Homemade Blue and White Cookies

1/2 lb Fresh Plain Cream Cheese


New York Bagel Of The Month Club bagels made the Forbes List of Best Father's Day Gifts!

Know a special dad who may be missing his New York bagels? This Father’s Day, surprise him with an authentic New York bagel breakfast.

Our limited-time only Father’s Day bagel collection features six hand-rolled bagels in flavors like plain, cinnamon raisin, and sesame. And because every bagel needs a schmear, he’ll also get a 1/2 lb of our delicious homemade plain cream cheese.

We didn’t forget about dad’s sweet tooth either. This package includes eight blue and white cookies, a colorful twist on the mouth watering New York black and white cookie classic - and one of our bakery’s most popular items. Everything will arrive fresh and fantastic! Too much bagel love for one day? Freeze any unused bagels for up to six months.

No matter where dad is around the country, you can send him a taste of New York!  As with all our items, everything in this Father’s Day bagel package is made in-house by sixth generation New York bakers following traditional recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

This is a one-time only purchase. He will love it! Order in time for Father’s Day – shipping is FREE!


6 Assorted Bagels, 8 Blue & White Cookies & 1/2lb Plain Cream Cheese Combo Box

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