6 Assorted Hand-Rolled Authentic New York Bagels
Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Chips
Everything Bagel Topper

This package delivers everything you love about bagels and more! It includes six fresh New York bagels in assorted flavors like plain, cinnamon swirl, and sesame.
Plus, it comes with a bag of our fantastic Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Chips. Enjoy these crunchy baked chips plain or topped with a schmear of cream cheese.
And because everyone needs more flavor in their life, we also include our Everything Bagel Topper. Add our unique everything bagel seasoning blend to your bagel toppings, veggies, eggs, and more.
Our bagels are produced on Long Island by 6th generation bagel and bialy bakers, using old-world recipes from Bialystok, Poland. Once rolled, our bagels are boiled, baked, cooled, packed, and shipped that same morning.

Your order is packaged and shipped via Overnight and arrives the next day.
This is a one-time order purchase.
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