12 Fresh, Authentic Hand-Rolled New York Bagels in Assorted Flavors (4 Plain, 2 Sesame, 2 Poppy, 2 Everything, 2 Cinnamon) 
1/2 lb. Hand-Sliced Nova Lox
1/2 lb. Homemade Plain Cream Cheese
1/2 lb. Homemade Veggie Cream Cheese
1 Black & White Cookies & 1 Babka

FRESH Authentic New York Bagels, Hand-sliced Nova Lox, Homemade Cream Cheese and MORE!

This hearty, quintessential New York KOSHER Shiva Platter includes 12 different types of bagels from plain, sesame, and cinnamon raisin swirl to everything bagels, and more! You’ll also receive a 1/2 lb. each of our homemade plain and veggie cream cheeses, and our fresh-sliced, lightly salted Nova lox.

It doesn’t end there. This package also includes classic Black & White Cookies and our sweet and delectable Babka!

Your order after receipt is freshly packed and shipped the next business day via Federal Express Overnight Service and arrives the next day.

This is a one-time order purchase.

Kosher Shiva Basket

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