6 Green Bagel Boss Bagels

1 Pound Plain Cream Cheese

6 Green & White Cookies                                                                                                   

Experience the luck of the Irish with our St. Patrick's Day Celebration Bundle from Bagel Boss! Established in 1975 and now proudly in our 6th generation, Bagel Boss brings you a festive assortment to elevate your St. Patrick's Day festivities. Our bundle includes six freshly baked St. Patrick's Day Green Bagels, each adorned with vibrant green coloring, symbolizing the spirit of the holiday. Accompanying these delightful bagels is a half-pound of our signature Plain Cream Cheese, perfect for spreading generously on your festive treats. Additionally, indulge your sweet tooth with eight Green & White Cookies, beautifully decorated to capture the essence of St. Patrick's Day. Whether you're hosting a celebration or simply craving some holiday-themed treats, our St. Patrick's Day Celebration Bundle has everything you need to make this holiday extra special. Order now and bring the luck of the Irish to your table with Bagel Boss!

If you select March 14th for shipping, Federal Express Overnight Service guarantees delivery of your St. Patrick's Day Bagels, Cream Cheese & Cookies on Friday March 15th, ensuring they arrive fresh and on time for your celebration.

6 Green St Patrick's Day Bagels, 8 Green & White Cookies, 1/2lb Cream Cheese Combo Box

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