Enjoy our iconic homemade Challah Breads (2 Loaves)

Made from our 100 year-old family recipe from Bialystok Poland and baked fresh by 5th and 6th generation bagel bakers these sweet mouth-water challahs are perfect for shabbat, sandwiches and of course challah french toast.

Each Challah Bread order is for Two Fresh (2) homemade challah bread and feeds approximately 8 people each

Challah – it’s idea for sweets like french toast and bread pudding and can also add an extra layer of decadence to savory sandwiches and casseroles. How about honey and Nutella on Challah – I wouldn’t refuse a little schmaltz smeared on a piece of challah – mmmmmmmmmmmmm now your talkin’

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Challah Breads Two Loaves

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