Feeling Well With Danielle

Hi there, I'm Danielle!

I am a certified Health and Fitness Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur, thriving on a plant-based lifestyle. My mission is to provide my clients with the necessary tools to help them ditch the scale, stop counting calories and thrive with healthy, realistic habits. I help my clients become the best version of themselves, while still having fun and enjoying foods they love! 

Eating plant-based is fun and delicious, and I’m here to help you realize that you can still enjoy the foods you love without harming anyone in the process, and by doing that, you're doing better for your body, the animals and our beautiful planet!

I decided to create a Feeling Well With Danielle X Bagel Boss line to show you just how good vegan options can be! Chia seeds, which have incredible health benefits, packed into New York's best bagels!! Tofu cream cheese, packed with protein, and tastes delicious! Everything bagel seeds that are loaded with nutrients & protein, and my favorite plant-based protein bars that taste like a delicious snack and are low in sugar!

I hope you love these packages as much as I do and realize that you can still enjoy the things you love and make an impact in the world!

Enjoy and I wish you nothing but love, peace and prosperity,

Danielle Xo